Hello and Welcome!

I’m an independent writer interested in the intersection of politics, culture, and spirituality. I’ve worked as a political science professor, policy researcher, and yoga teacher, and am the author or editor of five books, and many popular articles and professional reports.

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In recent years, my writing has focused the socio-cultural dimensions of contemporary yoga and mindfulness practices. Now, I’m shifting gears to revisit the broad issues of liberalism and American political culture that I used to work on as a grad student and political science professor a back in the 1980s-90s — this time, however, as an independent writer who’s not beholdened to the strictures of academia, and has a whole lot more life experience besides.

As a formerly loyal left-liberal Democrat who now identifies as a politically homeless Independent, I’m in the process of figuring out best to address what I (along with many other people) see as a growing crisis of liberal democratic politics, norms, and culture today. As this next chapter of my work unfolds, I hope to contribute to the development of a better paradigm than what’s currently on offer from either the identity politics Left, the neoliberal “center,” the “free market” conservatives, or the reactionary nationalist Right.

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